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Référence : MMWCA

Description du poste / Fonctions / Attributions :

1.   Position purpose 

  • Maximise middle & long term profitability and market share of BCS products in West & Central  Africa ( 21 countries ) in line with the  BCS  Africa strategy
  • Manage a team of experts  Food Chain Manager , Farmers Centricity Manager , Crop managers , communication
  • Enure the Optimization of product portfolio  and successful launches of the new projects
  • Innovation rate and KPI’s (TO, IGM, OPEX and market share)
  • Ensure successful product defense strategies
  • Ensure sustainability of 2014-2020 strategic review and balance short term results with long terms requirements. 

2.   Major tasks and responsibilities of position 

  • Conduct appropriate studies for WCA   markets in the main crop segments : Cocoa , cotton , rice , corn ,oil Palm , vegies and tropical fruits
  • Collection, control & follow up of market data for in core countries  (Ghana , Côte d’Ivoire , Nigeria )
  • Follow up market tendencies and prices, by visiting clients and distributors throughout the countries, organizing studies and surveys
  • Anticipate trends for WCA  Group of countries
  • Analyze target needs, competitors’ strategy, our own performance and market opportunities to launch new products. 

 Build a marketing & development strategy for the main segments 

  • Conceive and update mid & long-term strategic marketing & development plan for WCA country group together with the other management committee members
  • Propose to upper management scenarios defining the strategic direction of BCS in WCA (Ghana, Benin, Côte d’Ivoire, Mali, Nigeria, Senegal …) in order to maximize performance in the marketplace.
  • Build a deep knowledge of BCS products & strategy by keeping contact with other N       country marketing managers & Global Product Management;
  • Develop a generic defence strategy
  • Find innovative ideas to grow /recapture the market
  • Identify the new BCS products to launch in each WCA country according to consumer needs and global BCS marketing strategies.
  • Evaluate opportunities for distribution partnership with key regional distributors 
  • Manage with the marketing team projects under development, and define and validate with    the country head the status of the pre-projects. 

Manage the annual budget 

  • Establish and manage annual budgets for marketing (publicity & information)
  • Build 5-year marketing plan + yearly marketing plan & budget
  • Set up processes, tools, panels and database allowing planning and follow up of the business 

Organize new product launch 

  • Prepare all details of the product launch process (packaging, price positioning, promotion & communication, launch events,…)
  • Set up action plans by crop segment together with Crop Managers
  • Coordinate with the supply chain the packaging and label validation.
  • Validate all technical aspects of the products to be launched, for approval (BCS & country authorities); adapt message on the product to country legislation requirements 

Organize the technical and marketing communication by product with the Sales Manager and Registration and Development Manager 

  • Adapt communication tools provided by the Global to the West and Central Africa  markets & supervise their implementation;
  • Ensure the good communication amongst the management committee and the field team on line with the marketing strategy (timing, prioritization, strategic importance,..)
  • Choose & accompany, together with development and sales, opinion leaders & scientists supporting technologies and products; maintain relationships with media
  • Train sales force on new products and concepts & convince them on their relevancy
  • Define communication strategy
  • Coordinate commercial trials and field events with the registration and development department
  • Promote BCS products during the fairs and various events
  • Ensure the legal and technical compliance of the information on the product label
  • Participate in product defence actions in case of crisis or threat on BCS products. 

Manage the External consultants team (Senegal , Mali , Benin , Cameroon) 

  • Recruit new marketing colleagues according to needs with the Country Head approval.
  •  Give objectives, guidelines, supervise and control team’s work, appraise each team member    and   decide on appropriate training needs to further develop people.
  • Coach team, create a positive working atmosphere, enhance motivation and implement team      based working structure 

Ensure a collaborative and proactive interface with NWCA and EMEA - Tamecis regions 

  • Coordinate marketing activities in WCA countries in total coherence with EMEA-Tamecis and NWCA guidelines and strategies
  • Attend and represent WCA in the regional or international meetings: MDT, MST, Workshops …
  • Implement and update regularly the global marketing tools : NewPort, Tricast, Agrowin 

Stakeholders Food Chain partnership for the assigned area 

  • Introduce stakeholders to a deep  knowledge of BCS food chain strategy
  • Find innovative ideas to spread food chain strategy
  • Build food chain strategy country by country, product segment by product segment, according to product and business priorities
  • Define under which way the food chain strategy will be implemented ( targets, communication means, projects,…)
  • Accompany producers in their certification process to be able to export to EU
  • Anticipate actions to implement in case of change in EU regulations 

3.   Value added 

  • Define and implement a marketing strategy for the 3 Core countries (Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire, Nigeria) in order to maximize middle and long term profitability and market share of BCS product portfolio
  • Promoting BCS product image in the market through adapted action plans
  • Foster Food Chain partnership with local growers associations ,exporters , food processors ( Dole , Delmonte , Nestlé , Garcill , ADM , Barry Callebaut … )
  • Implement customer segmentation by crop and market 

Description du profil du candidat :

Skills, experience and qualifications 

  • University degree as an Agronomist, preferably with Crop Protection experience
  • Good knowledge of the market and the industry,
  • Good proficiency in English and French
  • Advanced computer skills (Excel, Word, Power Point, etc.)
  • Analytical and strategic thinking
  • Planning & reporting skills
  • Management skills
  • Company immanent / process oriented thinking
  • Quick learner, flexible and adaptable to new environments. 

Informations supplémentaires :

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